Five signs that you need AC repair

It’s summer, and your AC system is acting strangely when you turn it on. Maybe it’s not cooling, or it’s making sounds it shouldn’t, or there’s a pool of liquid outside of the unit. Or, perhaps, it’s not turning on at all. Don’t panic. Give Ray and Son a call to schedule your appointment for one of our service technicians to come inspect your system and assess whether or not you need AC repair.

#1. It isn’t working

Okay, this is the simple one, right? You know for sure that something isn’t right with your air conditioning system when it just doesn’t work or turn on at all. If your air conditioner has died, it could be a sign of a serious mechanical issue, or it could be something a lot less drastic. Ray and Son can inspect your system and determine exactly what the problem is.

#2. It’s constantly working, but it’s not cooling your home

This is the opposite problem: your air conditioner never stops working, day or night. But, it’s not like your home is getting cooler. In fact, it’s hot. What could be happening is that there’s an air leak somewhere in the system that is preventing the unit from sending cool air into your home. This means that the thermostat isn’t registering to tell the air conditioner to stop. If it isn’t a leak, something may be blocking the vents. The only way to know for sure is to have a technician inspect your system.

#3. It is working, but really inefficiently

Often, if you have the problem above, you’re going to encounter this problem, as well. All that work and expenditure of energy is going to cost you on your monthly electric bill, and you don’t even get the best cooling in exchange. If opening your bill puts you in a state of shock, consider having a professional from Ray and Son look at your air conditioner. The cost of a repair may be less than having another month of terrible cooling at a high price.

#4. It’s making unusual noises

Think back to the first car you owned. That pick-up truck was great, but you knew something was wrong when you heard it start to make sounds that it shouldn’t have been making. Loud rattling. Metal-on-metal scrapping. Grinding. When your car makes those sounds, it’s time to take it into the shop. When your air conditioning system makes those sounds, it’s time to call Ray and Son.

Strange sounds don’t mean it’s the end for your AC system. It could just be that something is loose, or that a gear needs to be replaced. But, without AC repair from a professional, these problems could get worse and cause the entire system to fall apart.

Trust Ray and Son for AC Repair#5. There’s moisture where there shouldn’t be

Your AC system is not a swamp cooler: if there’s moisture around or inside your system or vents, that’s a sign that something’s not right. It could be that a water pipe near the ducts is leaking or creating condensate. The worst case is that it could be the refrigerant leaking. If you see liquid around your AC setup, give Ray and Son a call immediately. Refrigerant is great for cooling systems, but not great for your family and pets to be around when it’s in the open air. We’ll want to address the problem as soon as possible.

Schedule your AC repair with Ray and Son

No matter what the problem with your air conditioner is, Ray and Son can help you figure out what’s gone wrong and fix it. We’re south Georgia’s AC repair experts, and our industry-certified technicians can get your air conditioner back up and running.