Autumn Tips for Premium Home Comfort

The transition to fall can be a refreshing time as the hot, humid summer months fade. Important fall cleaning tips for Nashville, GA residents include heater maintenance, a vital step in preparing for the cooler temperatures. This is the perfect time for a tune-up as the hectic cooling season draws to a close. Your HVAC contractor will soon be swamped with heating repairs for those who neglected to have their systems’ service needs addressed in advance.

What Is Heater Maintenance?

Your maintenance visit includes a routine inspection and needed adjustments to ensure that your furnace is ready to function during the cold weather. In the case of a gas furnace, gas lines and venting equipment will be inspected. Leaks can pose risks to your household, and these will be pinpointed and fixed. The buildup of dirt on sensors can cause your system to operate inefficiently as well. Electronic components are checked and your thermostat is tested to ensure that everything is working properly.

Similarly, a heat pump tune-up includes the inspection of electronic and moving parts. Refrigerant levels are checked, and refrigerant lines are inspected for leaks. In both furnace and heat pump maintenance, general cleaning can be completed to ensure safe and optimum operation. Your ducts can be checked for leak issues, a serious concern for both safety and efficiency standpoints. Duct sealing services may be recommended if there are signs of significant leaks.

Additional Benefits of Heating Maintenance Plans

You can schedule a tune-up at your convenience. However, participating in a maintenance plan can provide you with added value in keeping your home comfort system operating optimally. You don’t have to worry about missing your fall tune-up with a maintenance agreement as your contractor will contact you to schedule your appointment. If you are faced with later repair needs following your tune-up, you can count on priority service and important discounts. Some contractors provide additional customer loyalty benefits such as credits toward new equipment.

Regular preventive care for your system can also translate to savings on your energy bills. Optimized equipment operates more efficiently, ensuring that your utility bills are kept in check. An optimized system also tends to last longer than a system that operates under stress because of poor care. Investing in regular care can save you money and frustration over the life of your heating unit.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning provides maintenance agreements for both heating and cooling season needs. Our Comfort Club allows you to approach the coming cool weather with the assurance that your system is operating at manufacturer standards. If you should face any issues after your service, you can count on being provided with priority service. We also offer 24-hour emergency service, an important need if you face a system malfunction during icy weather. You can contact our Nashville, GA office to sign up for the Comfort Club or to discuss any additional heating concerns.