Energy-Saving Tips and Tricks

Do you wonder how to lower your electric bill? There are many factors that can contribute to high energy usage, and knowing where those costs originate can make a huge difference in reducing your expenses. There are some practical steps that you can take on a daily basis to eliminate waste. However, you will also want to consider some unexpected services that can help in saving electricity.

Everyday Energy Waste

Some of the most obvious sources of lost energy can be easily ignored. Your teenagers may leave the refrigerator open while they help themselves to leftovers. You may leave lights on in rooms that aren’t in use. Open doors while your AC runs can lead to energy loss. A simple strategy of immediately closing doors and turning off lights can go a long way in cutting costs.

Replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives can be a serious way to cut costs. As you consider your lighting fixtures, think about the ceiling fans as well. Did you know that using that fan together with your air conditioner will allow you to raise the setting on your thermostat? You can cut approximately one percent from your energy bill for each degree that you are able to raise your settings.

HVAC and Your Energy Bill

As you think about your thermostat settings, it’s helpful to recognize that your heating and cooling system can be responsible for up to half of your annual energy costs. Energy efficiency is a top priority as you operate your equipment. However, your thermostat isn’t the only factor affecting your home’s performance.

A poorly-maintained air conditioner can sap huge amounts of money from your household budget. Dirty coils can add 20 percent to your cooling costs. A shortfall of 10 percent in your refrigerant supply can contribute just as much to a high electric bill. Leaks in your air ducts can add to your costs as well. Scheduling a preventive maintenance visit with your HVAC professional can provide much better cooling capability to your system, lowering the associated costs.

Energy Loss and Your Bills

Another important factor in elevating your electricity bill is the loss of energy in your home. Insulation is a primary ally in battling heat exchange, keeping indoor temperatures more stable during extreme weather. Sealing leaks is another helpful option for reducing energy loss. You can also explore window treatments ranging from solar screens to insulating curtains to keep your indoor environment more comfortable and efficient.

Home Performance Evaluation

You may want to consider scheduling a home performance evaluation with Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning. We can provide a thorough inspection of your home to pinpoint issues leading to energy loss and high power bills. As we investigate the obvious culprits in your home’s energy usage, we also check less obvious issues like indoor air quality. Our systematic approach will allow you to develop a sensible plan for any home improvements needed to enhance your energy performance. Contact our Adel, GA, office to schedule an appointment.