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Duct Cleaning 101

How necessary is this home care task?

As a general recommendation, it is advised to have the air ducts of your home cleaned every one to five years. This may seem like an awfully vague suggestion, because a lot can happen in five years. So, when is the right time? Why clean the ducts if they’re always hidden and unnoticed? Is there any way to prevent this need? And who can take care of this, so you don’t have to?

When to clean your HVAC ducts?

There are three fairly simple ways to know if and when your ducts could use a cleaning. One of them is if you are detecting any sort of mold or substance growth on the outside of the ducts or registers. It is important to check your air ducts regularly for a general maintenance, and it’s difficult when so much of the ducting is hidden behind walls or within ceilings.

Always ask your NATE-certified HVAC specialist to inform you if they notice any damaging mold or moisture within ducts. Microbial or mold problems is a prompter of allergy and asthma symptoms and a could cause an issue for anyone within the home.

If you learn about bugs or pests making a home in your HVAC, you should have a professional inspect and possibly conduct a duct cleaning. This will help identify how they got in, and to learn how to get rid of this unexpected house guest.

Lastly, if you can hear or see debris, dust or unnecessary particles coming through your register vents, it is definitely wise to have a cleaning done. Dust and debris can aggravate allergy symptoms for many people and make them feel uncomfortable in your home or office.

Additionally, any dust in your living space creates more cleaning and upkeep than necessary. If your air filter is clogged, there is no telling what kind of allergens are floating around your home or through your HVAC system, and the only way to start fresh is with a professional duct cleaning from Ray & Son.

How to prevent any duct cleaning issues?

Homeowners should identify which HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) air filter is best for their home and HVAC system. This will provide the most efficient air flow into your household. This is also a more friendly way to help the environment by ensuring clean air is being exhausted from your home.  

Changing all of your air filters every one to three months is perhaps the best way to maintain a clean HVAC system.

Also, have your HVAC specialist ensure your ducts and fittings are sealed to prevent any outside particles from getting in, decreasing your need for a duct cleaning.  

If you’re looking for an HVAC specialist who is trusted, certified, and knowledgeable, contact Ray & Sons, who has been in business for 50 years. Located in Southern Georgia, they service homes and businesses in the Southeast corner of the U.S. with a smile and an honest diagnosis.  Should the specialist notice any issues with your HVAC during their cleaning, they will provide you with a $79 off coupon to help with the cost of the repair.