Does My Furnace Need Preventive Maintenance?

Your furnace is a finely tuned machine, and as such, it deserves preventive maintenance just like you provide for your car or truck. The motors, heating elements, wiring, and other components of a furnace get dirty, need lubrication, and can wear out, which is why preventive maintenance is so important for the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Preventive maintenance can also detect safety issues before they become a threat to your health and safety. With guidance from our HVAC technicians at Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll learn about the importance of preventive maintenance plans for your home’s heating system.

What Is Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance is the routine cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the entire heating system. During a preventive maintenance service, the HVAC technician checks to make sure the furnace is operating safely and is efficiently and effectively heating your home. Typical maintenance activities include:

  • Cleaning of heating elements
  • Cleaning and lubrication of fan motors
  • Air filter replacement
  • Checking for gas and carbon monoxide leaks
  • Inspection of ventilation system and flue

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Furnaces

Properly maintained furnaces work more efficiently and do a better job at heating your home. Additional benefits of preventive furnace care include:

  • Lower monthly heating costs
  • Longer furnace lifespan
  • Detect problems before they cause a furnace malfunction

How to Schedule Preventive Furnace Maintenance

Fall is the ideal time to schedule furnace service. The weather isn’t yet cold enough that the heating system is needed and there’s still plenty of time to schedule a repair if necessary. By scheduling fall maintenance for the furnace, you can rest assured knowing that the heating system will be ready to warm your home whenever the first blast of cold weather does strike the Valdosta, GA area.

The Comfort Club

To save money on preventive maintenance service, we offer the Comfort Club. Membership in our program includes a discount on any needed repairs or replacement services for your furnace. You also receive priority service in the event of a furnace repair. We’ll also provide you with reminders for when it’s time to schedule a furnace tune-up.

Your home’s furnace is what keeps you and your family comfortable throughout the winter. A furnace needs regular preventive maintenance in order to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively. To learn more about maintaining your furnace or about our current maintenance specials, call us at Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning today.