Dirty Secrets and HVAC Tune-Ups

Secrets are tricky things, aren’t they? Depending on the subject (surprise party vs. hazardous waste) and who it is about (relative vs. major corporation), a secret can be a fun event bonding people together or it can go to the other extreme where a bit of information left untold has the potential to be dangerous to your health.

Everyone has secrets both big and small and we are no exception. Don’t be too alarmed. Our secret is not as scary as hazardous waste; and one thing is for sure, whether we are referring to people or companies, the truth will come out eventually.

The Value of a Secret

Why, then, do so many companies leave out information their customers need to know in order to make informed decisions? Money, of course, and maybe power and definitely a concern for their reputation.

We are just not interested in being a company with secrets. That’s why we inform all of our customers about the number one cause of heater and air conditioner repairs and breakdowns – dirt. It’s that simple. Luckily, it is just as simple to avoid constant repair calls and costly breakdowns or AC system replacement – regular heater and air conditioner maintenance. To learn more about a big secret the heating and air conditioning industry has been keeping, read this article. To schedule a preventive heater furnace maintenance before winter is in full force, call us today.