5 Tips To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Spring

Save Money on Heating BillsMost people are troubled by high heating bills during the winters. For some people, the high energy bills cause a great financial strain.

In order to keep the energy bills down and prevent them from making a big dent on your wallets, you can take certain simple steps that we will discuss in this article.

1. Make the best use of the sun

The bright burning orb in the sky can help you to keep the rooms warm during the winters. To benefit from the free energy of the sun, you should open the curtains on the south facing windows during the winter days. And when the sun goes down, you should cover the window to keep the warm air inside the rooms.

This will allow you to avoid cranking up the thermostat in order to stay warm. Every degree that you set the thermostat lower will result in great savings in the heating bills.

2. Take advantage of ceiling fans

Homes that are ventilated during the winters will require less heating. You can make strategic use of ceiling fans to improve the airflow. Setting the ceiling fan to move clockwise will help keep the room warm as it will gently push the hot air downwards.

As a result, you don’t have to set the thermostat at a high temperature, saving you money in terms of reduced energy bills.

3. Cover the windows with heavy drapery

Heavy drapery that fully covers the window will prevent heat from escaping the room. The drapery will act as insulation, keeping the room warm during the winters and cool during the summers. You will require less heating to keep the room warm, keeping the heating bills down.

4. Keep the oven door open

Through the efficient use of the stored heat inside the oven, you can save some heating bills. Leaving the oven door ajar after cooking will let the warm air circulate in the kitchen. The heat from the open oven door will keep the room warm, so you can set the thermostat at a lower temperature.

5. Consider getting an energy audit

An energy audit is recommended if you want to find out how you can improve the heating efficiency of the home. Through the energy audit of the house, you will learn about where the air might be leaking from the house. You will also know whether you can save money by insulation of the house.

Ray & Son offers energy audits to homeowners in southern Georgia.

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In the end, you should always keep the furnace tuned to ensure maximum energy efficiency. If you keep the system tuned up regularly, it will keep the energy bills down. In case you want expert help for repairing of your furnace, you can contact Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning.