Common Cooling Problems That May Show Up in Your Nashville Area Home

cooling problemsIt’s never good when the Tennessee summer sun is in full swing, temperatures outside soar, and your A/C just isn’t up to the task of keeping your home cool or stops working.  These common cooling problems happen more than you might assume.

While frequent problems often indicate that the unit may be reaching the end of its service life or requiring professional maintenance, there are some things you can check on your own before calling for help.  Here are some common cooling problems and ideas for what may be causing them:

  • The unit is running, but doesn’t seem to cool.  When did you last change the air filter?  Are the air intakes blocked or dirty?  Is the thermostat set to the correct temperature? If the thermostat seems to be reading the right temperature but your home still feels too warm, it may actually be a humidity problem. Is the compressor running, or just the air handler?  If everything appears to be working normally, you may need to call in an HVAC professional to see if the A/C refrigerant is low. It’s also possible to have an improperly sized A/C for your home.
  • The compressor isn’t running. Check the power and make sure that a fuse or breaker hasn’t been tripped. Turn down the thermostat, and see if the compressor kicks on. If it still doesn’t turn on, the A/C motor or compressor may need professional servicing, or the thermostat sensor may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The A/C turns off and on or loses power repeatedly. The condenser coils and compressor may need cleaning. Clean out any obstructions, and if the problem persists, contact an HVAC professional.
  • The A/C has ice crystals forming on it or freezes up. The refrigerant may be low, and the A/C may have a leak. It’s best to call in an HVAC technician if you notice ice crystals on your home’s air conditioner.

For more information on how to fix common cooling problems, contact Ray & Son Heating and Cooling. We’ve been providing heating and cooling solutions to the Nashville area community since 1965.

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