5 Common Boiler Repair Concerns For Nashville Homeowners

boiler repairWhile boiler repair is strictly a matter for trained professionals because of safety issues, getting acquainted with the basics of heating troubleshooting can help you better understand any repairs a qualified service technician may recommend. Boiler heating is a time-tested technology. Malfunctions tend to arise from predictable causes and professional boiler repair, when required, is generally straightforward.


A simple issue like a thermostat setting is the cause for many unnecessary service calls. Make sure the system is set to “heat” at the thermostat and the desired temperature setting is at least 5 degrees above the present room temperature.

Electrical Issues

Boilers need electricity as well as gas or oil. If you’re not getting any heat, check the circuit breakers in your household panel for one that may be tripped. Reset any tripped breakers and see if the system responds. If not, contact a qualified HVAC heating contractor.

Gas Supply

If the boiler gas valve is turned off, that’s no doubt the source of your problem. Has the system been serviced recently? Before you turn the gas back on, contact your HVAC service contractor for advice. There may be some safety-related reason for the gas to be off.

Pilot Light Out

If your boiler utilizes a standing pilot light instead of an electronic ignitor, can you see the flame of the pilot? If not and you’re comfortable doing so, follow the manufacturer’s procedure to relight the pilot. Call a professional service person if you’d rather not handle it or if the pilot won’t relight.

System Malfunction

If the boiler incorporates an LCD system status display screen, verify that it’s illuminated and check for any displayed error or fault codes. Write them down and report them when you call for service. If the screen isn’t lit, you may have a circuit board failure or other electronic malfunction.

To schedule professional boiler repair or get more information about any boiler heating issues, in Nashville, Georgia and surrounding communities contact Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning.