Caulk, Air Filters and Other DIY Maintenance

Tech meeting ClientsHigh residential energy bills are not uncommon for homeowners in Adel GA. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that on average, around 30 percent of household energy consumption in Georgia is used for space heating while at least 10 percent is used for air conditioning. A few simple DIY projects and maintenance tips can make your home easier to heat and cool, which will save you a significant amount of money on your monthly utility bills.

Air Infiltration Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

It’s natural to turn up the heat when you feel a draft in your home on a chilly winter day, but that drives up your energy bills too. For every cubic foot of outdoor air that makes it way into your home, the same amount of air that you’ve paid to heat or cool exits your home as well. Fortunately, there are a number of simple DIY methods to seal up air leaks:

  • Weather-strip windows and doors
  • Use caulk to seal up cracks in your home’s foundation, siding, stucco and bricks
  • Use expandable spray foam caulk to plug up gaps around conduits that pass through exterior walls, such as plumbing pipes, gas lines and electrical outlets.
  • Seal holes and cracks in attic floors
  • Wrap ductwork in unconditioned spaces like attics and crawl spaces with insulation

How Often to Change Air Filters

Dirty HVAC air filters don’t just make your heating and cooling systems run longer than necessary. They can damage system parts and components, which leads to costly repairs and replacements. Regularly changing your HVAC filters is a low-budget and easy DIY chore that can help keep your energy and maintenance bills manageable. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homeowners change HVAC air filters every month during the heating and cooling seasons or more often as needed.

Professional Heating Maintenance

Although you can perform some chores yourself to make your home less costly to heat, it takes professional expertise and experience to ensure that your heater is operating at peak efficiency. Enrolling in a quality preventive maintenance program is an affordable and convenient way to make sure that your heater gets the seasonal care that it needs. Your trusted HVAC provider offers additional energy-saving services, such as pressure tests for your heater’s ductwork system to locate leaks. According to the EPA, you can trim up to 20 percent off of your heating and cooling costs by sealing up leaky ducts.

For maximum savings, consider scheduling a home performance evaluation from Ray and Son Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home that will identify the home improvement projects that will deliver the best return on your investment. Best of all, you can recoup 100 percent of the nominal fee for the energy audit through discounts on any subsequent work that we do for your home. When it comes to lowering monthly energy bills, we’re a resource that you can count on for effective products and services as well as for useful tips and information.