Spring Break for Your HVAC System

Leaving for vacation can be a scramble – there are so many things to do to prepare and to remember to keep your home safe and secure while away! Did you know Spring Break is the perfect time to give your HVAC system a break? If you’ll be gone, use our HVAC vacation checklist to maximize energy savings while you’re away.

HVAC Vacation Checklist

  • If your vacation coincides with your routine furnace filter checks and changes, examine the filter before leaving town. If you’re due to replace it, go ahead and do so early to ensure air is moving properly through the HVAC system while you are gone and contaminants are being filtered out properly.
  • Program vacation mode settings for your programmable thermostat. It’s better to keep your HVAC system on rather than turning it off, adjust the temperature by 15 or more degrees. This way, you can bring your home back to temperature for your return without wasting energy while you’re gone. If you have pets in the home, you may not be able to use such drastic setbacks – keep temperatures between 78 and 80 degrees for safety.
  • Don’t forget to turn vacation mode on before you leave! It’s helpful to set a reminder on your calendar if you do not have a Wi-Fi accessible thermostat allowing you to adjust settings remotely from your phone or another device.
  • Schedule HVAC preventative maintenance before you leave. Your system will be tuned up and ready to serve you with reliable comfort while you’re gone.
  • If your system is experiencing performance problems, have it serviced now with heating and cooling repair prior to vacation. Solving issues before you head out of town will ensure there are no surprise system breakdowns while you’re gone, leaving you with a big comfort problem to solve upon return when you’re ready to relax from traveling.
  • Inspect the drip pan and condensate drains of your HVAC system to ensure there are no clogs and moisture is exiting the system properly. Clogs could cause water to back up into your home while you’re away – this can be dramatically damaging to your home, especially if water is sitting and destroying your home over a long period of absence.
  • Clear the outdoor unit of vegetation, debris and items stored nearby to make sure it receives proper airflow.
  • Check your gutters to verify water isn’t pouring on your outdoor unit, which can be damaging if heavy rains occur while you’re away.
  • Trim trees and shrubs nearby to protect your home and outdoor HVAC unit from damage if storms occur while you’re gone.
  • Lock the gate to your yard to protect your outdoor HVAC unit from theft while you are out of town. Empty homes can be a target for vandals and theft, both indoors and out.
  • Make sure your windows are shut and locked if you’ve been leaving them open for natural ventilation while at home.

Ray & Son will help you prep your HVAC system for use, whether you’re home or out of town! Call us today to schedule maintenance or repair so your system always runs optimally.

March Madness Preparation for Your HVAC System

March Madness is here – your team has been preparing to take the court and win. Have you prepared your HVAC system for the job it needs to do this March? A winning heating and cooling maintenance plan will carry your HVAC system this season – read on and learn just what you need to do to keep it running like a champ!

Change Your Filter

Getting enough air is critical to players running up and down the court – your heating and cooling system is the same! Proper airflow is essential to performance, and without it, your HVAC system won’t move conditioned air effectively into your home and will struggle, using excess energy.

Your heating and cooling maintenance plan should include regular filter changes. The frequency depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer – high-efficiency filters need fewer changes while low-quality disposable filters need changed more often. During the spring season, change your filter on a regular basis and check it monthly to make sure its surface has not become clogged with contaminants, restricting airflow. This is especially important if you live in an area with a high pollen count or have pets.

Adjust Thermostat Settings

With the changing temperatures, it’s time to reevaluate your thermostat settings! With outdoor temperatures rising, you may find it comfortable to keep lower temperatures indoors. Or, it may be time to turn on the cooling system! In the spring, your heating and cooling maintenance plan should include reprogramming your programmable thermostat settings for spring.

Set temperature schedules based on the needs of your household, with setbacks of 10 to 15 degrees for periods of 8 or more hours for optimal energy savings. Great times to save are when your home is empty during work and school hours or while you sleep.

Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Your cooling system needs a professional tune-up as soon as possible so it’s ready to cool your home efficiently as temperatures rise. Heating and cooling maintenance plans should always include annual tune-ups for both heating and cooling equipment.

Maintaining your air conditioner will offer great benefits to your family this season. You’ll maintain consistent, even temperatures indoors to improve comfort, your air conditioner will operate efficiently to save you money on energy costs and your system receives the care it needs to avoid game-ending breakdowns over the season. We want your equipment to stay in the game longer offering you more years of service!

Join Ray & Son’s Comfort Club

Ray & Son has a simple solution to help homeowners stay on top of their heating and cooling maintenance plan – Comfort Club membership! By joining the Comfort Club, you’ll receive regularly scheduled tune-ups for your heating and cooling system and peace of mind from our repair-free and energy savings guarantees! Ask our team today what a Comfort Club membership can do for your HVAC system.

With a winning heating and cooling maintenance plan in place, your HVAC equipment will be ready for whatever the elements have in store this season! Schedule heating and cooling maintenance now with Ray & Son.

New HVAC Systems Need Love Just Like a New Car

So you’ve recently upgraded your HVAC system – congrats! You’re already seeing the benefits of improved comfort and lower energy bills and to keep these benefits up, new furnace maintenance is important.

Many homeowners mistakenly think since their HVAC system is brand new, it doesn’t need the TLC older equipment does because it hasn’t been in service long. This misconception can be costly, lowering efficiency, contributing to breakdowns, and even shortening the service life of the HVAC system you invested in. Imagine skipping oil changes for a year or two with a new car. Sounds irresponsible, right? HVAC systems are sophisticated equipment and deserve the same care from Day One. Be sure to schedule new HVAC system maintenance every year with Ray & Son to preserve the operation, efficiency, and service life of your new furnace.

New HVAC System Maintenance Protects Your Investment

It’s no secret purchasing a new HVAC system costs a pretty penny. You made an investment in a new furnace, so respect the financial outlay to gain years of continued comfort and service. New HVAC system maintenance protects your system from the wear and tear over the course of normal and heavy use, correcting issues causing the system to consume excess energy and run hard, leading to breakdowns.

New HVAC system maintenance is a minor investment compared to the overall cost of installing a new HVAC system and it’s absolutely necessary. You wouldn’t buy a new car and never have a tune-up, would you? Your new HVAC system needs to be thought of in the same way – with the TLC a tune-up provides, your HVAC system will retain the value it gives you, which is reliable comfort over many years.

New HVAC System Maintenance Maintains Your Warranty

Warranty coverage is a deciding factor why you may have chosen a particular HVAC system. Did you know HVAC system manufacturers recommend annual HVAC system maintenance, even for new systems? Not caring for your HVAC system properly can void warranty terms, leaving you without coverage when you need it down the road and you’ll be forced to pay repair costs out of pocket.

HVAC system maintenance shouldn’t start a few years after purchase. New HVAC system maintenance needs to be scheduled within your furnace’s first year of service, so it’s ready to perform as expected for the heating or cooling season to come. Give your new HVAC system the maintenance it needs to keep your warranty intact in case malfunctions occur – you don’t want to lose these valuable benefits over skipping the cost of a simple new HVAC system maintenance visit!

Join the Comfort Club

Ray & Son makes it easy to stay on top of new HVAC system maintenance with our Comfort Club! As a Comfort Club member, you’ll receive annual tune-ups for both your furnace and air conditioning systems, scheduled with our skilled technicians. We guarantee your HVAC system will be free from repairs for 90 days following service or your tune-up is free! New HVAC system maintenance increases efficiency, so if you don’t save the value of your tune-up within 90 days of service, we’ll cover the difference.

Don’t neglect new HVAC system maintenance just because your heating system is young! Schedule HVAC system maintenance with Ray & Son today to keep your new HVAC system performing just like new, year after year!

Is Your HVAC System Ready for the Big Party?

Entertaining doesn’t have to stop when the weather is cold! When your outdoor living space is too chilly, moving the party indoors is the perfect solution – just make sure your HVAC system is ready to keep your guests comfortable. Before the party starts, change your furnace filter and use these tips to keep your home at the perfect temperature when company arrives.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Changing your furnace filter will improve your indoor air quality and help your HVAC system run better. A dirty filter is ineffective at removing airborne contaminants – if your filter is dirty, there will be more contaminants indoors, exacerbating allergy symptoms and increasing discomfort. A clean filter will pull contaminants out of the air, keeping your air and your living spaces cleaner, too!

Clogged HVAC filters also harm the system, restricting airflow. More energy is used to push air to your living areas, placing critical components under more stress and increasing the likelihood of a breakdown. Keep on top of furnace filter changes to protect your air quality and equipment.

Proper Thermostat Settings

You want your guests to feel comfortable in your home and temperature plays a serious role. A home too hot or cold means guests will be uncomfortable and your gathering unenjoyable.

The thermostat settings you prefer on a regular day are inappropriate when your home is full of guests. People bring in body heat, which increases the temperature of your living areas. Cooking for a party, starting a fire in the fireplace – these activities are common during parties and add heat to the home.

Before guests arrive, set your thermostat back a few degrees so everyone will stay comfortable when your home starts to warm up.

Get a Furnace Tune-up

The last thing you want is for your HVAC system to break down when hosting company. Regular HVAC  tune-ups protect your system from surprise breakdowns. Schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit prior to your party if you haven’t already done so for the winter. Your technician will change the HVAC filter, inspect the system, perform maintenance to improve performance and catch issues to fix before they snowball into larger repair emergencies. For the ultimate in convenience, join our Comfort Club and we’ll call YOU to set up maintenance visits twice a year!

Call for Repair Service

If you notice your HVAC system isn’t performing properly, is turning off and on frequently, is making loud, unexpected noises or presents any other issues, call Ray & Son to schedule HVAC repair service right away! We will have a technician diagnose and repair your HVAC system issues ahead of the big event so you can avoid surprise breakdowns leaving you without heat during your gathering. An HVAC system breakdown will definitely end your party too soon – resolve performance issues ahead of time to keep the good times rolling along.

Contact Ray & Son today to get your HVAC system in top shape before the big party! Schedule HVAC maintenance or repair and HVAC filter changes today!

Why Air Cleaners Are Beneficial All Year Long

During spring, summer fall and winter months, HVAC systems are running full force and homes are closed off to keep warm air in and cool air out depending on the time of year. Georgia and Florida households can suffer diminished indoor air quality throughout the year and an HVAC air cleaner is an excellent line of defense for your family against contaminants. Learn how an air cleaner for your home can help you stay more comfortable indoors this year – Ray & Son provides skilled installation for quality furnace air cleaners to improve indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality Issues

Homes are sealed up tight to stay warm or cool and conserve energy. Your windows and doors aren’t open allowing a breeze to flow through, providing natural ventilation to the home. During cold months, contaminants aren’t being filtered out of your home this way, so the air can be dirtier inside.

During the winter months, as a fuel-burning furnace runs, it creates combustion byproducts which pollute indoor air. Furnaces should be vented properly to allow pollution to escape and if flues aren’t working properly, you run the risk of this pollution backing up into your home. Woodstoves and wood-burning fireplaces are another source of indoor air pollution used commonly during the winter months. These sources can sometimes aggravate those with asthma and other respiratory issues.

Pets likely won’t spend as much time outdoors when the weather is extremely hot or cold, so your home will be exposed to more dander and pet hair. While pets are a loving addition to your family, this extra hair and dander can accumulate in the home and get picked up as air circulates, impacting allergy-prone family members.

How Furnace Air Cleaners Work

HVAC air cleaners work directly with your home’s heating system to remove airborne contaminants as air passes through. These filters use their surface area to trap allergens and pollutants so they do not circulate back into the home. The furnace air filter is installed in a special cabinet typically placed between the return air ducting and blower component of the furnace.

How an HVAC Air Cleaner Helps

An HVAC air cleaner provides better contaminant control in the home versus a standard disposable air filter. Furnace air cleaners have higher MERV ratings and are more efficient for removing smaller contaminant particles. Depending on the type of furnace air cleaner installed in your home, the HVAC air cleaner will remove contaminants such as:

  • Mold spores
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Pollen
  • Dander and pet hair
  • Fine dusts and
  • Exhaust fumes.

What’s the Right Air Cleaner for My Home?

When determining the right air cleaner for your home, it’s best to work with the skilled technicians at Ray & Son to ensure your new equipment is a right match for your HVAC system and your needs. We will study the air quality issues you face in your home and your current heating system to find the best solution allowing you to breathe easy throughout the winter as well as the rest of the year.

Ray & Son offers quality HVAC air cleaners that deliver powerful filtration for your living areas. Contact us to learn more about how installing a furnace air cleaner can improve indoor air quality.

New Air for the New Year

The new year is a time for making changes for the better! It coincides when sickness is also prevalent, making cleaner indoor air a priority for Georgia and Florida families. After a colder than normal winter for the south, it is time to consider a plan for furnace maintenance from Ray & Son – a furnace inspection performed by our skilled technicians will help to continually provide cleaner indoor air for better health, comfort and happiness indoors. You’re one phone call away from checking a resolution off your list!

Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

Furnace maintenance is critical to the health of your system and your home. Maintenance performed once a year for your furnace keeps wear and tear in check, verifies the system is working safety and removes obstacles causing poor performance and bad air quality.

With a furnace inspection and furnace maintenance, you’ll gain:

  • Optimal performance and comfort, as the HVAC system is able to operate correctly to deliver correct, even temperatures throughout all living areas.
  • Improved energy efficiency, as issues are corrected to eliminate energy burdens on the system. You’ll get the same great heating at a lower cost.
  • Fewer breakdowns, as heating issues are caught and corrected during your furnace inspection. Skipping the furnace inspection allows issues to worsen, causing breakdowns likely to be more extensive and expensive to fix.
  • Longer service life, as well-maintained HVAC systems typically last longer because they aren’t stressed or breaking down frequently.

What Happens During a Furnace Inspection?

Furnace inspections incorporate a thorough review of your system combined with furnace maintenance to restore proper functioning. Components of a furnace inspection include:

  • Inspecting thermostat for proper communication with the furnace and correct temperature readings in the home.
  • Reading voltage on motors and tightening electrical connections throughout the system to preserve safety and energy efficiency.
  • Lubrication of bearings and moving parts to eliminate the friction wearing out components and increasing energy consumption.
  • Inspecting condensate drain and clearing clogs to ensure moisture flows freely from the system to prevent humidity and moisture from building up in the system and home.
  • Cleaning of furnace compartments and components to reduce stress and wear and tear.
  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners, cleaning them to improve performance and ensuring these gas elements are working safely.
  • Inspect flue system to ensure combustion byproducts are venting correctly from the system, eliminating exposure risks to carbon monoxide.

Indoor Air Quality Benefits from Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance also improves indoor air quality, helping your family breathe easily throughout the year. During a furnace inspection, your technician will change the air filter, providing your system the tool it needs to eliminate airborne contaminants. Your technician will also make sure air is moving properly through the system into your living areas and cycling back into the system, preventing stagnation and discomfort. The furnace’s flue system is checked to ensure byproducts such as carbon monoxide can safely escape the system and not back up into your home, where exposure is extremely dangerous.

Schedule your furnace inspection today with Ray & Son’s experienced furnace maintenance technicians. Let our family help your family achieve amazing indoor air quality for years to come!

Top 5 Ways to Save Money This Winter with Your Home’s HVAC Unit

The cold season can be a costly time for Georgia and Florida households, especially if your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently! With these 5 energy saving HVAC tips, you can cut household costs and lower your energy bills significantly! HVAC maintenance has a great impact on efficiency and performance and there are things you can do to help your heating and cooling system run better while consuming less energy.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 1: HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is the best thing you can do for your home’s heating and cooling system. HVAC maintenance should be performed twice per year: one visit prior to your heating season and one prior to your cooling season.
A system tune-up boosts energy-saving HVAC systems by restoring optimal performance. The harmful effects of wear and tear over heavy usage times are corrected, helping your system perform flawlessly and eliminating issues increasing energy use, such as loose connections, restricted airflow and more. When your heating and cooling system is performing better, it doesn’t need to use as much energy as it does when issues are present. You’ll benefit from improved comfort, lower energy bills and a longer system life.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 2: Seal Air Leaks

Sealing air leaks throughout the home keeps more heating and cooling energy inside, where your family benefits from the energy consumed by the HVAC system. Leaks allow energy to escape and unconditioned outdoor air to infiltrate the home, forcing your HVAC system to work more to maintain comfortable conditions and using more energy.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 3: Use Ceiling Fans

Most homeowners think of ceiling fans as a tool for cooling and when used properly, they are also a helpful tool to keep your home warm during the colder months. Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise when your heating system is in use.
A clockwise fan redistributes the warm air collecting at your ceiling, sending it back down where your family is so you can benefit from the warmth. You’ll experience more comfortable living areas and save money on heating costs.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 4: Keep Vents Open

Blocked vents are a big problem in homes, keeping heat from reaching the living areas for which it’s intended. When a vent is blocked, you’ll find yourself cranking up the thermostat to achieve the temperatures you want, consuming excess energy and overworking the system. Blockages also cause heat and air pressure to back up in the HVAC system, causing overheating and potentially damaging the system.
Check your entire home, making sure floor vents and wall vents are not blocked by curtains, rugs, furniture toys and other items. Also, make sure the vent louvers are opened, allowing air to flow through.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 5: Use Curtains Correctly

In the winter, use your curtains and blinds correctly to reduce the burden on your heating system. During periods of direct sunlight, open window coverings to allow the room to benefit from the solar heat gain pouring in. Your room will feel warmer without the use of your heating system. Close the window treatments when the sun goes down to “trap” warmth inside.
You’ll notice when it’s cold and dark outside, the area around your windows feels very cold! When warm air from your living areas comes into contact with cold glass panes, it loses heat as well. Use thermal window coverings to conserve more of your heat and prevent heat loss.

Schedule HVAC maintenance with Ray & Son today to create a better energy saving HVAC system for your home! Contact us now to find out how maintenance improves efficiency and performance, lowering your energy costs.

4 signs you need a new furnace for your home

You rely on your furnace to keep your family happy and warm during the winter. But, nothing lasts forever. Just like your car, microwave, and every mechanical thing that you own, your furnace will eventually break down and need to be replaced. In this blog, we’ll review the signs you need a new furnace.

If you live in Valdosta, Nashville, or other parts of southern Georgia / northern Florida, Ray & Son is a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer, and we offer in-home estimates on new systems. To get started, contact us today!

What are the 4 signs you need a new furnace in your home?

Read our blog for more on the signs you need a new furnace in your home.Here are the four signs that you need to make the switch to a new furnace or heating system:

#1. You’ve watched your energy bills spike

As it ages, a furnace becomes less energy-efficient, and requires more energy to create less heating. That’s because components endure wear-and-tear that reduces their ability to operate at the level they once did.

Heating is such a big part of your winter energy bills. Think about it this way: at what point would the cumulative increase in your energy bills start to represent a sizable chunk of what you would spend on a new furnace?

Here’s one way to find out: schedule an in-home estimate with our team for a new furnace. We’ll help you estimate your energy costs so that you can compare them to your current bills.

#2. You have an older furnace

Here’s the thing: most gas and electric furnaces last about 16-20 years, at most. Now, you may be squeezing a few more years out of your system—after all, every situation and system is different. However, even if your furnace has been blessed with an extraordinarily long life, you may want to think about replacing it.

This comes down to energy-efficiency, reliability, and comfort. Your older furnace may technically still work, but be failing on all three counts. An older furnace is probably far less efficient than a new one, spiking your monthly energy bills. It’s also more likely to break down: that’s more money out of pocket for repairs. And it may not even be heating your home the way you’d like!

An old furnace isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With a tune-up from our team, we can help it run better. But, at some point, you have to cut your losses and make the upgrade to a new system. An older furnace is one of the most prominent signs you need a new furnace in your home.

#3. You see cracks or damage to the furnace

Every time you turn on your furnace, that heat is interacting with the metal it’s made of, causing it to contract and expand. Over enough years, this can cause the metal to bend and crack. If your heat exchanger develops a crack, it represents a potentially dangerous situation for you and your home.

A cracked heat exchanger can emit carbon monoxide gas—a colorless and odorless gas that can be fatal to you and your family. If you suspect that your heat exchanger has cracked, call the fire department, and then give our team a call for furnace repair.

In most cases, replacing an older furnace’s heat exchanger is not cost-effective, and we’ll recommend a new furnace, which will actually save you money.

#4. You’re hearing strange noises

If your furnace makes strange noises, it could indicate that it’s in need of repair. An older furnace that has strange noises may have arrived at the end of its operational life.

Older furnaces tend to make squealing, rattling, popping, and banging noises. These noises represent an internal fault. While some of the noises can be remedied by a simple furnace tune-up, an older furnace may need to be replaced.

That’s because some sounds represent problems with expensive-to-replace internal components. For example, popping sounds probably mean something is wrong with the ignition system of the furnace.

Call Ray & Son for a in-home estimate on a new furnace

Ray & Son is proud to serve Valdosta and Nashville, Georgia, with excellent HVAC and home services. Our NATE-certified technicians are furnace repair, maintenance, and installation experts, and we’ve been serving you for more than 50 years!

If you think your older furnace needs to be replaced, give our team a call at (229) 686-5531, or contact us online. We offer in-home estimates on new systems. Our friendly technician can walk you through the signs you need a new furnace and whether or not it’s time to upgrade.

4 Ways to Use Your Heating System Efficiently This Winter


As winter rolls in, your utility bills can increase if you don’t make smart choices when using your heating system. Keeping your Nashville, Georgia home warm and cozy is important, but you shouldn’t have to drain your holiday funds to do it. Heat your home more affordably and efficiently with these tips.

Turn the Temperature Down at Night

You won’t need to keep the home as warm during the night as you do in the daytime. Set your thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees and you will see significant savings on your energy bill. To compensate for the difference, switch to heavy flannel sheets and add an extra blanket or two on the bed, and use appropriate sleepwear. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it so the house is warm enough when you have to get up in the morning.

Keep Your System Clean

A furnace that is clean and well-maintained will cost less to operate. Begin with an annual maintenance. Your HVAC technician will clean the unit, tighten connections, and oil moving parts as necessary to improve performance and lower your energy expenses. Continue to keep things clean yourself by changing the filter as needed.

Check Your Vents

Go through the home and carefully check each vent. Your vents should be open and unblocked. If furniture or any other item is placed too close to a vent, the air won’t circulate properly, and you will end up with hot and cold spots in the room. Closing the vent to an unused room seems smart, but this actually alters the pressure in the home and decreases your energy efficiency.

Let the Sun Shine In

Keep the curtains open during the day, particularly on windows that receive direct sunlight. This will let natural heat into your home. Close the curtains at night to retain this heat. Thick curtains can also help to keep the warm air in and block the effect of cold air from the windows.

For more information about increasing the efficiency of your furnace, contact Ray & Son at (229) 686-5531. We can keep your system in peak shape for the maximum energy efficiency.


What to Expect From That Professional Furnace Inspection

furnace inspection

A well-maintained furnace will last longer and have fewer repair needs than one that is not properly maintained. A furnace inspection can reveal minor furnace problems early before they become major issues.

The inspection can detect conditions, such as a rusted-out flue, that are potentially dangerous to occupants of the home. These are just a few reasons why you should have an annual inspection done on your furnace.

Getting a Closer Look

What is included in a furnace inspection can vary, but the following are some of the tasks your technician will likely perform to ensure your furnace is operating safely and efficiently:

  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Verify thermostat settings
  • Check system start, operation, and shutdown
  • Inspect the condensate drain
  • Check fuel connection and pressure
  • Check burner combustion
  • Check the operation and structure of the heat exchanger
  • Check and adjust the blower
  • Check and adjust airflow
  • Clean and check safety controls
  • Check flue integrity and make sure there are no blockages
  • Check belt integrity
  • Clean and adjust pilot, if necessary
  • Check combustion gases and make sure within manufacturer specifications

When the technician completes the inspection, he should give you a list of what he checked and the condition he found each item in. The sheet should also show any actions he took. Having an annual inspection is one way to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable all winter without downtime for repairs. Make annual furnace maintenance is a must to improve the performance of your system and reduce energy consumption so that you can reduce your energy bill.

If you need a furnace inspection or have any questions about heating your home this season, contact Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning. We proudly serve our neighbors in Valdosta and Nashville, Georgia, as well as in the surrounding communities. Call us today!