Buying Guide: House Plants that Purify Air Naturally

We often talk about the importance of good indoor air quality and the various measures that you can take to improve it around your home or office. While changing your air filters regularly, increasing the ventilation throughout your home and utilizing air purifiers will help greatly, there are less expensive, greener methods that you can use to clean your air naturally.

Many harmful toxins can be found in your home. However, there are three common household toxins that should be of great concern. Exposure to these pollutants can cause negative health effects like headaches, dizziness, vomiting, neurological problems, and nausea, just to name a few. These pollutants include:

  • Formaldehyde, which is a common chemical used by manufacturers to produce many household products and building materials.
  • Benzene is one of the 20 most commonly used chemicals in the U.S. It is typically used as a solvent and to make other chemicals.
  • Trichloroethylene is a man-made chemical that can be found in metal cleaners, paint, carpet-cleaning fluids and spot removers.

Aloe Vera Plant

This sun-loving plant is known for its healing properties. However, it is a great plant to have around your home because it removes the chemicals formaldehyde and benzene from the air that you breathe.

Gerber Daisy

This radiant, flowering plant is efficient at removing trichloroethylene. It is also effective at removing benzene. Just make certain there is a lot of light feeding this flower.

Baby Rubber Plant

The baby rubber plant is a great houseplant to have because not only is it excellent at emitting high amounts of oxygen; it also purifies your indoor air by removing many toxins and chemicals like formaldehyde.

Snake Plant

This is one of the best houseplants that you can place in your home to remove formaldehyde from the air. It thrives well in steamy, humid conditions, so your bathroom is the perfect place for this natural air purifier.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is in general one of the best air purifiers. It also acts as a natural air humidifier.

When purchasing houseplants for air purification purposes, make certain you have enough of them around your home to be effective in air purification. For example, you need to choose one potted plant, 10 inches tall at the minimum, per 100 square feet of your home to greatly improve your indoor air quality. If you have any other questions on other air purification products, then contact us today. We provide unmatched quality HVAC services to businesses and residential customers throughout Nashville, GA, and the surrounding counties.