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Before You Call for Heating Repairs in Nashville or Valdosta, Georgia

The last thing you want on a chilly night in Nashville or Valdosta, Georgia is to call for heating repairs when your heat pump or furnace fails! While we’re happy to attend to any heating and cooling issue, we put together a list of items you can check first.

These are simple and it may solve the problem. We know you’d rather not rearrange your schedule if you don’t have to, so check these items first next time your heating system causes concern.

Be sure to schedule regular and professional maintenance on your HVAC system to keep your heating repairs to a minimum.

#1 Tip to Avoid Heating Repairs: Check Thermostat

Check to make sure the thermostat is set to HEAT and at the desired temperature. This may seem silly but you’d be surprised kids or a simple bump or even vigorous dusting accidentally moves a lever or dial.

Also, make sure the thermostat is connected. The thermostat could be the source if the issue. Make sure it isn’t dirty, tilted, or located where it cannot get an accurate reading. Poor locations include behind a closed door, next to a heating source or in direct sunlight. In some cases, it simply needs fresh batteries.

#2 Tip to Avoid Heating Repairs: Check for Power

The power source may be the issue. To ensure there’s power to the furnace, try switching on the fan on your thermostat. If the fan turns on, then this is not your problem. If you don’t hear the fan start, try resetting the breakers on your electrical panel.

#3 Tip to Avoid Heating Repairs: Check Air Vents

Is there any air coming out of the vents? Check all return air grilles and registers are open and blowing air. Confirm furniture isn’t blocking the air from the vents.

#4 Tip to Avoid Heating Repairs: Check Air Filter

The air filter cleans the air as it goes through the heating system and before warmed air circulates in your home. Dirty or clogged filters create airflow issues such as poor air circulation, short cycling and depleted heating. Replace filters regularly, especially with pets or a larger family.

Conclusion: For Next Steps Call Ray & Son in Valdosta and Nashville, GA

If you have checked the thermostat, the air filter, the air vents and the power and still can’t find the issue, it’s time to call Ray & Son. We advise against diagnosing or tackling any serious heating repairs on your own. Improper repairs often lead to injury, major damages and void your furnace warranty.

So don’t worry! The certified technicians at Ray & Son perform complete inspections and heating repairs in no time.

For the ultimate in ease and value, we recommend our Comfort Club. It includes inspections, two tune-ups each year and satisfaction guarantees for one low price. If you live in southern Georgia in communities like Douglas, Sparks, Lakeland or Homerville, GA, we encourage you to use us for your heating and air conditioning needs.