The Advanced Energy Center Has Projected the U.S. To Be Energy Independent by 2016-How Will This Be Possible?

Alarmed by reports that the United States imports half of its energy sources from foreign countries, the Advanced Energy Center is calling on people in Nashville, Georgia and nationwide to end this dependency. The organization has set a goal to be energy independent by July 4, 2016. After that date, the Advanced Energy Center feels we should only use energy sources that originated within our own borders. By not doing so, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the energy policies of other countries.

Ray & Son, an air conditioning repair company in Nashville, agrees with the goal established by the Advanced Energy Center. While we agree that it is ambitious, the goal to be energy independent within four years is not impossible. Our air conditioning repair company is already seeing the use of alternative energy sources that are within the spirit of this initiative. These include wind-powered HVAC equipment, solar energy, fuel cells and geothermal heat pumps. At our air conditioning repair company, we have consulted with customers about these alternative energy sources and have seen them used successfully. If you are considering how you can reduce your energy consumption, our air conditioning repair company would be happy to meet with you as well.

The energy that is imported into the United States is needed to provide power to air conditioners, heating systems, home appliances and much more. Since we still need to use these items in our homes, the Advanced Energy Center is only asking people to do so while remaining energy independent of other nations. Ray and Son also feel that our nation can achieve the goal of becoming energy independent if everyone commits to doing their part. When you buy new HVAC equipment and home appliances, check the energy efficiency rating as well as the importation status of the unit.