6 Reasons to Stay Ahead of Air Filter Replacement in Your Tifton Area Home

air filter replacementA clogged air filter suffocates your HVAC system. All forced air systems, like blower furnaces, central air and heat pumps, need a constant flow of air to work properly. When the air isn’t coming in enough volume, it puts a strain on the system and the system can’t keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

What Clean Filters Do For You

Here are six reasons why you need to stay ahead of your air filter replacement:

  • New air filters save you money. When the system can’t get enough air it starts working harder and harder to keep up. That means higher energy consumption and bills.
  • It improves the air quality in your home. A clogged filter can’t grab any more of the allergens and pollutants flowing through the air. That lets them build up and lowers indoor air quality.
  • Air filter replacement lowers the amount of dust in the ducts and the HVAC system. When the filters can’t grab the dust, it will get into the ducts and the HVAC system. That dust can lead to problems down the line.
  • It keeps your fan motor working efficiently. Not only does that drive up energy consumption, it also shortens the life of the fan motor.
  • Clean air filters lessen the chance of your HVAC failing. The entire system has to work harder just to keep your home comfortable. That shortens the life of the entire system. It also increases repair costs.
  • It decreases your home’s carbon footprint. The harder the system works, the more energy it requires and the larger the carbon output is going to be. Keeping your filter changed significantly improves your home’s energy performance.

Replacing an air filter is something that usually takes only a few minutes, but it provides many benefits. The easiest way to remember it is to put it on your calendar. Once a month, check the filter, replace it if necessary. Air filter replacement is that simple.

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