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Here are 5 benefits of scheduling a routine AC checkup (UPDATED)

(Updated August 2019) If you want to enjoy optimal cooling from air conditioners and heat pumps let’s review five benefits of scheduling a routine AC checkup. This blog explores why these benefits are important, how often you should schedule AC maintenance, and if it’s necessary to have an AC tune up every year. We also review what’s included in an air conditioning service visit and how much does an AC checkup cost.

Here are some great benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance:

1. Increase Equipment Lifespan

The foremost benefit of regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit is it addresses issues that ignored could lead to serious damage to the unit.

A routine inspection of the cooling device ensures the unit undergoes less wear-and-tear during the hottest summer months. This often extends the lifespan of the AC unit by a couple of years, compared to a neglected system.

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

An air conditioner without regular maintenance accumulates dust, debris and contaminants. With increased humidity, these contribute to the formation of mold and mildew. These environmental irritants pose a health risk to the household. The presence of airborne pollutants in the air often leads to a serious allergic reaction. 

Children, the elderly and anyone with a weakened immune system are extra vulnerable. If a household member lives with asthma, allergies, COPD or congestive heart conditions, prioritize the quality of your indoor air. 

Routine inspection and cleaning of the air conditioner reduce the nasty airborne pollutants in your family’s air.

3. Reduce Need for Future AC Repairs

A routine AC checkup also reduces the frequency of repairs. Preventive maintenance helps resolve critical issues that if not addressed could lead to major damage to the unit.

Scheduling a regular service of the cooling unit often avoids hundreds of dollars required for major repairs. In short, routine inspections prevent the growth of small problems into large ones that results in financial difficulties.

4. Get Better Energy-Efficiency from your System

A well-maintained air conditioner does not draw abnormal amounts of energy. If serviced regularly, it works as efficiently as possible for its age. In contrast, a neglected air conditioner strains to cool the room.

Because it uses more electricity to cool your house, it increases your energy bills. Also, it increases the wear-and-tear on the system. Stress on the HVAC system increases the need for repairs, whether it’s a bad capacitor, broken belt or burned out fan motor. If you need an emergency AC repair, we’re available 24/7.

5. Prevent Emergency Breakdowns

It seems fate chooses the hottest days to send you an air conditioner breakdown. It’s frustrating, uncomfortable and because it’s peak season, technicians are busy. You have no other option but to spend the day sweating until a technician can reach you. 

Avoid the disruption to your schedule and the inconvenience of emergency breakdowns with a routine inspection of the unit. 

When Should I Schedule My AC Maintenance?

Ideally, a routine air conditioning checkup is best in the spring, before the stress of summer weather hits. At Ray & Son, however, we provide tune ups all season long. 

In general, we recommend a preventive maintenance visit in spring before cooling season and in fall before the heating season. This way, your entire HVAC system is checked and ready for the upcoming weather. 

Is it Necessary to Service HVAC Systems Every Year?

Yes, it’s best to schedule AC service every year, even if it’s fairly new. We meet people all the time who think because the unit is only six months or a year or two old that it doesn’t need a tune up. Plan for ac tune ups in the spring and furnace tune ups in the fall. If you use a heat pump, be sure to schedule maintenance twice a year because unlike an air conditioner or furnace, they work all year long. 

In addition, regular maintenance from a qualified HVAC technician is often required by your manufacturer’s warranty. At Ray & Son, we service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment.

What is Included in an Air Conditioner Tune Up?

When a NATE-certified HVAC technician from Ray & Son visits, he or she performs a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC system. The tech also cleans and tests all relevant components. 

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How Much Does an HVAC Tune up Cost?

It varies, depending on the type of equipment you have. For example, some households have only an air conditioner, while some have multiple AC units or a central air system plus a couple of ductless heat pumps too. The easiest way to stay on top of preventive maintenance is to invest in a plan like The Comfort Club. 

Routine AC Checkup

Membership includes two tune ups and cleanings each year as well as a repair-free guarantee. If your system needs any repairs 90 days after a tune up, we’ll refund the value of the tune up to you. (Ask our team for details). 

We’re also concerned with your energy savings, so if they don’t equal the value of the tune up in the 90 days after a routine AC checkup, we’ll write you a check for the difference. Give us a try!

Schedule a Routine AC Checkup with HVAC Pros Ray & Son

A routine inspection of the air conditioner helps you maintain the comfort level you prefer and keep more money in your wallet.

If you think your air conditioning system has cost you enough in repairs and high electric bills, ask for a free estimate on a new air conditioner installation. We’re proud to be a Carrier ® Factory Authorized Dealer and represent quality equipment for various budgets. 

So, start a new warranty period plus enjoy lower energy bills and more consistent performance with a new air conditioner or heat pump. We also offer HVAC finance options! 

To reach experienced technicians in southern Georgia or northern Florida, contact Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning at 229-218-8866. Our team serves customers in communities like Douglas, Lennox, Lakeland, Moultrie, Tifton, Ashburn, Madison, Nashville, Valdosta, and Fitzgerald.

Updated August 2019